Lee Williams

I am an intern at Stellenbosch University, 416747_3220772233280_1057312469_owith interests in various scientific fields including: Marine biology, Genetics, Microbiology and Astrophysics (which I focus on in my leisure time). I completed my BSc in Cellular and molecular biotechnology, Hons in Wine-biotechnology, and MSc in Zoology (population genetics).

For my MSc, I used molecular techniques to determine how South African oyster farming practices contributed to the spread of three shell-boring polydorid species; Boccardia pseudonatrix, Polydora hoplura and Polydora cf. websteri. I also included a naturally dispersing polydorid; Boccardia polybranchia, against which I could compare the pests molecularly. My current work involves using molecular techniques to determine whether the abalone pest, Boccardia proboscidea, is spreading in the wild in South Africa.

Additionally, I will be comparing members of the polydora complex morphologically and molecularly, since there are many uncertainties regarding the identities and origins of these shell-boring species.