Capitella capitata complex (Fabricius 1780)

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Common, Alien?


Body threadlike, bright red in life. Capitella_watermarkedThoracic chaetigers with capillaries in both rami, from chaetiger 7 or 8 hooks appear in both rami. Males have genital hooks on chaetigers 8 & 9.

30 – 40 mm

South Africa: west to east coasts; Namibia
Widespread (Type locality Greenland)

There are many species within this complex, local specimens probably represent a local species.

Citation: Simon C. A. and van Niekerk S. E. (2012), Capitella capitata complex (Fabricius 1780) modified May 2015, The Simon Polychaete Lab-, Date Accessed:June 24, 2019.