Diopatra cf. neapolitana Delle Chiaje 1841

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Common, Indigenous?


Antennae long, ceratophore of median Diopatra cf. neopolitana_watermarkedantenna with ~14 rings. Branchiae start on chaetiger 5. Filaments arranged in spiral along central axis. In life iridescent green.
>20 cm

Intertidal, lives in tubes in sandflats.

Knysna (D. n. capensis common in Cape and KwaZulu Natal; D. n. neaopolitana: Namibia and KwaZulu Natal)

Popularly used as bait, called the moonshine worm by fisherman.  Identity needs to be clarified, specimens collected in Knysna don’t conform wholly with either sub-species previously recorded locally.

Citation: Simon C. A. and van Niekerk S. E. (2012), Diopatra cf. neapolitana Delle Chiaje 1841 modified May 2015, The Simon Polychaete Lab- http://thesimonpolychaetelab.com/non-shell-infesting/diopatra-cf-neapolitana-delle-chiaje-1841/, Date Accessed:June 24, 2019.