Pseudopolydora cf. antennata (Claparéde 1870)

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Rare, Alien?


T-shaped prostomium Ps_antennata_frontpage_watermarkeddue to incised lateral lobes.  Caruncle to mid chaetiger 5 or end of 6.1 or 2 pairs of eyes in trapezoid arrangement, anterior eye pair 3 times the size of posterior pair. Short occipital tentacle.In life no colouration. Notochaetae absent on Chaetiger 1. Chaetiger 5 weakly modified. Two types of modified spines arranged in U-shape; inner spines long with asymetrical subdistal thickening and rounded point, outer spines spoon-shaped with bristles lining concavity and tapering point. Hooded hooks start on chaetiger 8 onwards, no accompanying neurochaetae. Branchiae start on chaetiger 7, overlap along the midline on chaetiger 8. Pygidium with four lobes, resemble flower in life.

Up to 20mm for 51 chaetigers.

South Africa: southwest to southeast coast, also on northeast coast.
Mediterranean (Type locality Bay of Naples), Australia, Japan, Kuwait

In sediment and algal turf, association with oyster, Saccostrea cuccullata incidental.


Alien status questionable, probably part of species complex with local representative.

Citation: Simon C. A. and van Niekerk S. E. (2012), Pseudopolydora cf. antennata (Claparéde 1870) modified May 2015, The Simon Polychaete Lab-, Date Accessed:June 24, 2019.