Pseudopolydora dayii Simon, 2009

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Rare, Indigenous


Prostomium incised. Caruncle to end chaetiger 2. Pseudopolydora_dayii_frontpageProminent occipital tentacle. 1 or 2 pairs of eyes. Palps extend to 9th chaetiger, pigmented at base. Live animals cream coloured, 1 or 2 pairs of triangular black patches on dorsum of chaetiger 5. Chaetiger 1 with long notochaetae inserted anteriorly to prominent notopodial lobes. Modified spines of chaetiger 5 in 2 vertical rows: 4 or 5 pennoned in anterior row, forms weak J-shape with 1 present in posterior row; posterior row with 4 – 6 curved, weakly bristled spines. Notopodia on posteriormost 14 to 22 chaetigers with stout hooks. Hooded hooks start on chaetiger 9. Branchiae start on chaetiger 6, extend for ½ to ⅔  of body. Pygidium reduced with four lobes.

Up to 14 mm for 79 chaetigers, 0.8 mm wide at chaetiger 5.

Southwest to southeast coasts of South Africa

Surface fouler of gastropods in intertidal and shallow subtidal regions. Sometimes found on badly infested cultured abalone.


Pest status

Citation: Simon C. A. and van Niekerk S. E. (2012), Pseudopolydora dayii Simon, 2009 modified May 2015, The Simon Polychaete Lab-, Date Accessed:June 24, 2019.