Safiyya Sedick

I’m in the pursuit of knowledge.S_Seddick At least that’s what my degrees from UCT, UWC and my quest for an MSc degree from Stellenbosch University would tell you (if they could speak).

Having graduated with majors in Marine Biology and Ocean&Atmospheric Sciences, I pursued an honours degree in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology which have led to my current research on the diversity of syllids in South Africa. Therefore, on most days I like to search for knowledge in the ocean and the plethora of animals that call the ocean home, while other days I find myself lost between the pages of a science fiction novel or perusing the seemingly endless shelves of my favourite candy store (aka my local bookstore!). Most rainy and overcast days are spent hiking well-known local trails while warmer, more summery days are best spent at the beach. Muay thai and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) are the only forms of sport that entertain me but have also taught me the type of discipline that can be applied to most aspects of life.

The biggest life lesson I’ve learnt thus far: Knowledge is not only found in books but in life experiences.