Shell Infesting Worms

Shell-infesting polychaetes include mainly members of three families; the Sabellidae, Spionidae and Cirratulidae. Click on images for brief descriptions and more information.


Genus Terebrasebella

T_heterouncinata_watermarkedTerebrasabella heterouncinata


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Genus Boccardiella

Boccardiella sp_watermarkedBoccardiella sp
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Genus Boccardia

Boccardia polybranchia

Boccardia proboscidea

Boccardia pseudonatrix

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Genus Dipolydora

Dipolydora capensis

Dipolydora normalis

Dipolydora keulderae

D_armata_frontpage_watermarkedDipolydora aramata

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Genus Polydora

Polydora hoplura

Polydora cf. websteri

Polydora haswelli/neocaeca


P_dinthwanyana_frontpage_watermarkedPolydora dinthwanyana

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Genus Pseudopolydora

Pseudopolydora cf. antennata

Pseudopolydora dayii







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