Cirratulus gilchristi Day 1961

Common, Indigenous

Small, threadlike, 12 mm long. In life tentacular filaments white, branchiae and body yellow. Prostomium blunt, 4 pairs of eyes, 3 – 5 pairs tentacular filaments arising in transverse row at anterior of chaetiger 1. Long branchiae from chaetiger 1 to end of body. Unidentate acicular hooks in noto- and neuropodial from chaetiger 3 – 6 onwards. Capillaries in all notopodia, absent from neuropodial from chaetiger 6 onwards.

Intertidal, sediment

Southwest coast (Type locality Saldanha Bay)

Cite as: Van Niekerk, S. and Simon C.A. (2012) Cirratulis gilchristi Day 1961, modified May 2019. (, Accessed on <day/month/year>)