Abarenicola gilchristi – Wells, 1963

Indigenous, bait species

Moderate size, 150 to 250 mm. Trunk with 19 chaetigers, branchiae start on chaetiger 8, 12 pairs. Tail region ‘fairly long’ with low papillae. Blades of notochaetae with tiny spines. Neuropodial hooks with numerous small poorly marked teeth, neuropodia in branchial region short, well-separated mid-ventrally.

South Africa: Lamberts Bay on west coast to Walker Bay on south coast.
Namibia: Luderitz

Intertidal sandy sediment on sheltered shores, below mean spring low.

Collected as bait (as bloodworm or ‘bakkiewurm’) in Walker Bay. Another smaller (up to 100 mm) species of genus, A. affinis africana Wells, 1963, so far only recorded in Luderitz and the Saldanha Bay/ Langebaan region, in sheltered bays in mud above mean spring low. Taxonomy of this species needs to be resolved.


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