Branchiomaldane cf. vincenti Langerhans 1881

Rare, Pseudo-cosmopolitan?

Small, threadlike, ~ 10 mm, peristome and first segment achaetous, 14 – 20 abranchiate chaetigers, 15 – 30 chaetigers with branchiae of 3 – 5 simple filaments. Nototchaetae capillaries throughout, with flattened blades. Neuropodial hooks with 3 – 4 teeth, no hoods, to end of body. Differs from other arenicolids in that it lacks achaetous posterior chaetigers

South Africa: Southwest Cape coast
North Atlantic (Type locality Canary Islands), Mediterranean, southern California, Mexico, Caribbean.

Intertidal, sediment

Identity of South African species needs to be clarified.

Cite as: Van Niekerk, S. and Simon C.A. (2012) Branchiomaldane cf. vincenti Langerhans 1881, modified May 2019. (, Accessed on <day/month/year>)