Dipolydora capensis (Day, 1955)

Common, Indigenous

20 mm for 100 segments. Prostomium rounded. Caruncle to chaetiger 3.
Notochaetae present on chaetiger 1. Modified spines on chaetiger 5 simple hooks. Hooded hooks present from chaetiger 7; 3 – 5 per ramus, posteriorly lose hoods and smaller fang, becoming unidentate (2 – 3 per ramus). Short spines with nototchaetae in posterior.
Pygidium small with 4 lobes.

Southwest to southeast coast

Very abundant on shells of wild molluscs, and sometimes on cultured abalone. Not found on oysters. Although very common, never become a pest.

Produces planktotrophic larvae, through most of the year.

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