Dipolydora normalis (Day, 1957)

Rare, Indigenous

10 mm for 72 segments. Prostomium bilobed, deeply notched. Caruncle to chaetiger 4. Peristomium broad. No eyes. Palps very long. Colourless in alcohol.
1-2 Notochaetae present on chaetiger 1. Well developed neuropodial lamella and many neurochaetae on chaetiger 1. Modified spines on chaetiger 5 slightly curved hooks. Bidentate hooded hooks start on chaetiger 7. Accompanied by inferior neurochaetae on approximately last 9 chaetigers. No specialized notochaetae on posterior chaetigers.
Branchiae start on chaetiger 8 to near the end of the body.
Pygidium poorly developed, cuff-shaped, dorsally notched.

South Africa – East coast, Mozambique.

In mudflats, presence on surface of abalone shells probably incidental.

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