Naineris laevigata (Grube, 1855)

Common, pseudocosmopolitan

Robust, can exceed 40 mm. In life, dark pink/red. Prostomium rounded, pharynx eversible with numerous lobes. Thorax with 15-30 chaetigers. Branchiae start on chaetiger 5 to 8, widely spaced on dorsum.

Intertidal, sediment. Very common in effluent outflow paths from on-shore abalone farms.

From Namibia to Mozambique
Bay of Biscay, Mediterranean Sea (type locality), Persian Gulf, Sri Lanka, warm and tropical Atlantic from North Carolina to Gulf of Mexico and Brazil, Gold Coast, Japan.

Nominal species likely to comprise complex of morphologically similar species. Identity of species in southern Africa needs to be clarified. Distribution in all four biogeographic zones in South Africa also suggest cryptic lineages.

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