Polydora dinthwanyana Simon 2011

Rare, Indigenous

Small, 7.5 mm for 70 chaetigers. Prostomium rounded. Caruncle to end chaetiger 2. 2 pairs of eyes.
In alcohol yellow pigmentation on prostomium and first few chaetigers.
Modified spines of chaetiger 5 strongly curved, with flange that may appear tooth-like from some angles.
Hooded hooks start on chaetiger 7, approximately 6 per ramus; single, accompanied by fine companion chaeta last 3 chaetigers.
Branchiae start on chaetiger 7; from chaetiger 11 very long and tend to stick out prominently from the body, last 10 -11 segments abranchiate.
Pygidium small with yellow markings.

South Africa: southeast coast (Type locality Haga Haga)

Boring into the shells of abalone, Haliotis midae and turban shells, Turbo sarmaticus.

Cite as: Van Niekerk, S. and Simon C.A. (2012) Polydora dinthwanyana Simon, 2011, modified May 2019 (https://thesimonpolychaetelab.com/polydora-dinthwanyana/, Accessed on <day/month/year>)