?Polydora nuchalis Woodwick, 1953

Rare, non-indigenous

Large, up to 34 mm for 150 chaetigers. Prostomium bilobed, caruncle to end chaetiger 2 or 3. Prominent occipital antenna present. Up to 2 pairs of eyes arranged in trapezoid. In life dark pigment along feeding groove of palps, dusky pigment may be present on prostomium and peristomium.
No notochaetae on chaetiger 1. Modified spines of chaetiger 5 strong needles with slight subdistal excavation in older spines. Hooded hooks start on chaetiger 7, up to 10. No companion chaetae. Branchiae start on chaetiger 7, almost to end of body; don’t touch along mid-dorsum.
Pygidium large disc.

Produces adelphophagic larvae.

Tube dweller in intertidal area of lagoon.

South Africa: Western Cape Province: Knysna
California (type locality)

Molecular evidence confirms that it is not indigenous. Identity to be confirmed.

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