Syllis amicarmillaris Simon, San Martín, Robinson, 2014

Common, indigenous

Robust, up to 32 mm. Prostomium oval, 2 pairs of eyes, antennae, tentacular cirri and dorsal cirri short and thick, distinctly articulated. Dorsal cirri with up to 19 articles. Pharynx extend over 9 to 10 chaetigers, small conical tooth at anterior, proventricle extend over ~10 chaetigers. Pseudo-simple chaetae by loss of blade and enlargement of shaft in dorsal mid-body, simple chaetae in dorsal and ventral posterior.

Intertidal, also in effluent outflow path from abalone farm and on oysters in off-shore culture.

Western Cape Province, west and south coast (type locality in Walker Bay) to Mossel Bay.

Resembles Syllis armillaris collected by John Day; records for this species may represent incorrect identification.

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